Open Source

“I have learnt to arrange things in such a way,” said James Joyce, summing up his work, “that they become easy to survey and to judge.” Joyce’s father commented about him, “If that fellow was dropped in the middle of the Sahara, he’d sit, be God, and make a map of it.”

Personal and provisional, introverted and extroverted, yin and yang. The conceptual complexity of any work may be attributed to such dualities. In this respect, Eric Bredesen is determined to temper the personality, as it were, of his Gravity trilogy by publishing the first two volumes as open source code.

Here the phrase “open source code” means the following:

  • Other Websites may link directly to the homepage or to any of the pages — but such links should be written using the standard HTML tag and should either involve or be immediately associated with a header (preferably written using the standard HTML H1 or H2 tag) that involves mere HTML text including the name “Eric Bredesen” (or the possessive form “Eric Bredesen’s”) and the words “Gravity” and “Theory of Everything.”

  • The publishers of other Websites can manually insert into their pages the content of the various Gravity chapters, but said pages should prominently feature — at both top and bottom — links pointing directly to the homepage and written according to the instructions above. In addition, such pages should in their text prominently credit Eric Bredesen as the author of the Gravity content. Likewise this content should not be published in modified form by anyone other than Eric Bredesen or

  • Eric Bredesen owns the copyright to content on this Website. We will defend this copyright by bringing legal action against any entity that without our authorization sells this content.

  • Eric Bredesen welcomes you to develop improvements and especially additions (buds, if you will) to the Gravity content. Please carefully research and craft such contributions and initially snail-mail them — yes, in printed form and via snail mail, not e-mail — to the postal address below. In conjunction, please also send an e-mail to, merely notifying us that you have snail-mailed your text. Mr. Bredesen will carefully consider such submittals, perhaps incorporating them (or edited versions thereof) into the Website and into subsequent print editions of the Gravity trilogy. Of course Mr. Bredesen and will appropriately acknowledge and honor the particular authors of these contributions, but said authors should not expect to be monetarily reimbursed by Mr. Bredesen or by for these contributions. Please address submissions as follows:

    Post Restante
    Los Angeles, CA